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Why is it that more than five thousand people in the US, mostly young people, start using illegal drugs every day?

 Is it peer pressure? Is it because the media are constantly promoting drugs as the remedies to every ill? Or maybe it's because the people who make and sell drugs know exactly what 'buttons' to push to make a youngster want to use.

Drug Education PresentationAlthough all of these are contributing factors, they couldn't have an impact on our kids if there was effective drug education and drug abuse prevention in schools or other places where young people gather. The war on drugs will only be won by educating our children about the dangers of drugs.

In addition to rehabilitating those who have fallen into the trap of drug abuse, Narconon staff work very hard to prevent young people from using drugs in the first place. The Narconon Drug Prevention and Education program has provided drug education programs to school children in Southern California for over 30 years and has reached hundreds of thousands students.

We offer a comprehensive series of interactive presentations for students in grades three through twelve on the many subjects of drug use and abuse, drug prevention and drug education and drug abuse prevention..

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A drug education program with a different approach is reaching thousands of students in Southland schools -- and creating a wave of much-needed optimism that we can stem the tide of abuse.

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Survey Results

From The Kids:

"Classroom I listened to the whole talk!! Usually I fall asleep but this one was fun!!!!"
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Students "My friends are always taking pain pills and they keep trying to get me to. But now I now what they do and I am gonna stop them from taking those pills."
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Young child learningI'm staying away from ecstasy now. I wanted to try other drugs like cocaine, but you put the for sure NO in my head. There's always people like me who need this talk!"
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From Teachers

                                                     Presentation and questions      "We are extremely grateful to
have Narconon as a participating member within our health course."
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"I truly believe that the presenter presentation the students attended will be one that they will never forget."      Read more feedback from teachers 

" We thank you for classoroom presentation
being there with the information that can save lives."

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" We've had tremendous feedbackHappy students from the kids over the past couple of years since Tony (Narconon Speaker) has come to our high school."
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