Boiler Tube Cleaner – Boiler Troubleshooting

Boiler tube cleaners are special devices that use compressed air to remove debris and rust from the tubes and cylinders of your boilers. If you are using a gas boiler, it is essential that you keep the tubes free of any build up so that they do not clog or stop the boiler from working smoothly. It is possible to over-cleans your tubes by blowing too hard on them with compressed air, which in turn can cause damage to the tubes, bearings and even the heating system. If you find that your tubes are dirty, you should consider using a Boiler Tube Cleaner.

Boiler Tube Cleaner

Most home owners will clean their own tubes, and there is no reason why you should not. However, if you have a gas boiler at home, it is imperative that you learn how to use a tube cleaner so that you know when to clean your tubes and when to call in a professional. Cleaning your own tubes can be done quite easily; however, if you have a gas boiler, you need to make sure that you have time to clean it properly because if you do not clean your tubes regularly, you could end up killing the boiler because it could fill with carbon monoxide, which is highly dangerous.

If you want to use a tube cleaner, you need to buy the correct one for the type of boiler that you have. There are two types of tube cleaner, a wet tube cleaner and a dry tube cleaner. If you have a well known brand of boiler, you may be able to buy a tube cleaner from the manufacturer directly. If you have a less popular brand, you can usually find a good tube cleaner at an appliance store, departmental store or home improvement store.

If you choose to clean your boiler tube with a tube cleaner, there are some steps that you should take before starting the cleaning process. First of all, turn the power off to the boiler so that there are no appliances or wiring in the way. Next, unplug any pipes that are attached to the main body of the boiler. You should also empty any water or other liquids from the tank. Then, take a long piece of wire or a cloth and place it over the pipe that runs from the furnace to where the water exits the system. The heat from the boiler will be conducted through this wire, heating up the water in the tank.

Once you have the wire in place, you should place the cleaner onto the tube. If you have a wet tube cleaner, you should mix some warm water into the solution and apply it to the pipe and then allow it to sit for around fifteen to twenty minutes. If you have a dry tube cleaner, you should just wipe the excess water from the cleaner onto the pipe and it should be ready to be reused. It is important that you use the same type of cleaner to ensure the best results when cleaning your boiler.

When you have finished cleaning the tubes, you should shut off the electricity to the boiler and turn the gas valve off as well. Then, you should disconnect the water supply to the boiler as well. Turn up the air conditioner or set the room temperature to the lowest temperature you are comfortable with and leave the room. Let the system cool down for a few minutes and then open the valve on the gas cylinder and then reconnect the pipe and water supply to the boiler. Repeat the process until the boiler is free from smoke and the tube cleaner has dried up and disappeared.