How to Make a Panel Door


A stiles panel door is a classic example of woodworking. It is made with two layers of wood: the stiles and the panel. The stiles are vertical pieces that run on each side of the door. They are joined together by dowels. The panels are either raised or flat, and are set into the frame of the door. Each panel can be made with a variety of designs. The bottom rail runs from the vertical stiles to the panel above.

The stiles panel door is one of the most popular types of home doors. There are many different panel configurations, ranging from all wood doors to those that incorporate glass panels. If you are considering this style of door for your home, consider all the possibilities.


Rails and stiles are an important part of a panel door, and they can make or break the overall decor of a room. They are usually standard sizes, but they can be custom made to fit the door’s design. A typical door has three rails: top rail, mid rail, and bottom rail. The top rail is usually 6 inches wide. The bottom rail is usually eight and three-quarter inches wide.

Rails and stiles are often cut into profiles that match the profile of the panel. The inside edge of the rails and stiles may also have a profile cut in it.

Raised panels

A raised panel on a panel door is a classic look that can be achieved with a couple of simple techniques. First, the panel should be cut to the desired size. In addition, the positive cutter should be set to profile the inside edges of the stiles and rails. In order to accomplish this, the cutter’s slot segment should be set approximately one eighth inch off the shaper’s table surface.

Then, the panels are glued together to the frame and then sanded to the proper thickness. TheĀ panel door finished panels may be painted to conceal any raw wood, and some raised panels may also be nailed to the frame joints on the reverse side. The next step is to measure the final thickness of the door.


Panel doors are among the most popular types of interior doors. Their inset panels provide visual interest and character to any room, and can be made of many different materials. These doors can range from one to six panels, and they complement nearly any design style. Their installation costs can run from $120 to $400 per door, but can be considerably reduced if you have several installed at once.

Multi-panel doors require more structural support than a single-panel door. To get the proper load calculations, you should contact a structural engineer. The header of a multi-panel door should not deflect more than one-eighth inch when carrying the weight of the door. Additionally, the header should be level and square. This will help ensure proper door operation and prevent water infiltration.


The stability of panel doors is dependent on several factors. For example, the quality of timber used, the direction of the cut, and the absence of knots will determine how stable a door will be. The size of the door will also affect the distortion. The door’s construction also includes hinges and intumescent strips that resist warping. Fire resistance also depends on the natural features of the timber and the panel’s size.

Construction of panel doors may involve a solid wood peripheral frame that defines the central open areas. The frame is then used to key in the molded panels. These panels are usually made of wood and other materials and are surrounded by a recessed or raised edge.