The New Clawson Michigan Distillery

One of the new fangled booze joints popping up in metro Detroit is the Weiss Distilling Co., which will soon unveil its new tasting room, but for now it’s all about the small batch spirit. Besides a slew of cocktails, the company produces a slew of small-batch spirits, including its signature whiskey, as well as a slew of craft brews, rums, and moonshine.

The company’s upcoming whiskey tasting room, which is slated to open in late spring, will have its share of hoopla. In fact, it’s the only one in the region, according to distillery reps. To help get the word out, Weiss is making theĀ Clawson Michigan distillery occasional appearance at local shindigs like the upcoming Taste of Clawson and the Detroit Food Show. On top of the tasting room’s usual grub and booze, Weiss is hosting a tasting of the year’s best wines and spirits. And, as a bonus, customers can take a peek at the distillery’s newest barrel-aged booze a la carte.

The company’s booze-filled speakeasy and tasting room is located just west of downtown Clawson at the corner of 14 Mile and the Grand River. As of this writing, the aforementioned tasting room is the only gin and tonic facility in the city, though the distillery has plans to expand its roster in the near future. This includes a barrel-aged version of the company’s booze-free Belly Up Bourbon and a booze-free version of its flagship whiskey. Of course, this ain’t a bad thing. Moreover, the company has a stellar track record for spicing up its already-excellent line of spirits. So far, the company’s spirits have garnered the attention of the likes of such notables as John Legend, Michael Jackson, and Jack Daniels. But what about the rest of the flock?

The Clawson brew isn’t exactly a cosmopolitan enclave, though it is in close proximity to the larger metroplex of Troy and Sterling Heights, which are home to plenty of similarly-situated venues. Having said that, a Clawson Michigan distillery is something of a rarity, a rare occurrence in an era ripe with new fangled booze joints.